Ice Alert Display

More about the Ice Alert Display

Q-lite, an European versatile and dynamic business, is specialised in the production, innovation and sale of electronic information systems. The LED products that we make are made “in house”. We design and develop these LED displays. Cabinets are designed and made and by us. Speed, dynamics and accuracy are the determining success factors of any business today.

The advantages and the need for electronic information systems are abundantly clear. Q-lite is your reliable partner for eye-catching displays that nobody can miss. The practically unlimited possibilities of Q-lite displays are efficient and effective! Q-lite LED displays help you to sell your services or products in an explosive and impressive way. Your product, your business or your activity will be in the spotlight in every sense of the word. Q-lite is specialised in the development, production and sale of electronic information systems such as scoreboards, graphic displays, industrial displays… Q-lite LED displays allow you to achieve your goal easily and clearly. A Q-lite display is very vivid and always draws people’s attention. Ideal to notify traffic information, travel information, promotions, events… any information you want to make public. These displays are ideal for shops, production companies, post offices, bank branches, hotels and restaurants, airports, government departments… The applications are many!

A small thing can be made large by the right way of announcing information…

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