Comunity LED Sign

Q-Lite municipal displays put your town in the spotlight
Communication is becoming increasingly important. This is why Q-Lite designed an extensive range of displays which allow the population to be informed quickly and effectively, 24/7. The municipal information displays are made with high-quality materials using the latest new technologies. Both indoor and outdoor displays are available. Their modern or classic look allows them to be fully integrated in any neighbourhood. Q-Lite municipal displays already add lustre to the street scene in many cities and towns in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. The displays allow you to give clear and eye-catching information to the population in the right place and at the right time (cultural events, relaxation, tourism, road safety, sports, festivities, etc.). The changing pictures and text make these information panels real eye-catchers. Programming the displays is very simple using dedicated software. A modem connection allows messages to be sent wirelessly. Time scheduling guarantees your messages to appear on the date, day and time of your choice.

Q-Lite takes care of the design, the complete installation, the maintenance, the technical support and always provides expert advice.

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