Custom made LED products

A personalised Q-Lite application offers unique opportunities
Q-Lite special applications, versatile systems, suitable for just about any application on any location. Q-Lite can develop the right information system for any application, including the software to operate the system. Q-Lite can add various devices to the display: temperature sensors, clocks, count-down systems for all kinds of purposes, etc. Anything you want to display can be developed and installed in software terms. Dimensions, colours, animations,… Q-Lite has no limits. The personalised information systems are made with high-quality materials using the latest new technologies. The dynamic character of a personalised medium allows you to spread the right information in the right places and at the right time!

Q-Lite takes care of the design, the complete installation, the maintenance, the technical support and always provides expert advice.

Add a splash of colour and get in touch with the expert Q-Lite team.
Custom Single Line LED Display