Industrial, production and safety Display


Q-Lite industrial displays back up your production
Q-Lite industrial information displays. These displays are a powerful medium to visualise your messages, production data, safety statistics, job postings, etc. Q-Lite industrial information displays can be composed of freely programmable parts, combined with permanent text. The addition of a corporate logo personalises the overall effect. Industrial safety signs are made with high-quality materials using the latest new technologies. Q-Lite offers a number of standard models, but also high-quality bespoke models. The PC software is also personalised. Your monitor shows the layout of the board which makes programming very easy. Dimensions, character size, colour, brightness and control (can be wireless) are determined in function of the requested application and customer requirements.

Q-lite offers also LED displays that can be used in an industrial environement such as industrial counters. These counters can be controlled by various manners. (analog signal, pulse, current loop @24mA, serial, tcp-ip)
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Q-Lite takes care of the design, the complete installation, the maintenance, the technical support and always provides expert advice.

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