Custom build construction outdoor LED display on bridge

Q-lite has no limits!

This LED display has been mounted on a bridge using a unique construction that’s mounted under water.

The supporting construction is clamped around the pilars of the bridgeunder water . The construction is strong enough to support the weight of the LED display, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

This project has been realized by our partner in austria:
visit of Pro-infosystems for more information.

Fuel price LED Display

Always the correct prices with Q-Lite fuel price displays

Q-Lite fuel price signs are available in different digit sizes and colours and allow you to display the exact prices quickly and easily. Q-Lite fuel price signs can be delivered in a housing, or on a frame for recessed mounting. The displays are made with high-quality materials using the latest new technologies. You can choose a standard model or a high-grade custom made model. The price signs can be controlled with dedicated software, with an IR-keyboard or be directly linked to the pump management systems. Q-Lite offers bespoke solutions, taking into account the reading distance, the colours, the brightness,..

Q-Lite takes care of the design, the complete installation, the maintenance, the technical support and always provides expert advice.

Add a splash of colour and get in touch with the expert Q-Lite team.