LED Scoreboard

Q-Lite scoreboards count for all sports purposes

Q-Lite scoreboards, professional and qualitative, are within reach of any club. There is a whole range of standard models, but custom made Q-Lite scoreboards are also possible. In addition to showing the score, the time and the teams, these displays and graphic displays also allow publicity, the player’s names and any other kind of information to be shown. Besides the programmable parts, panels with permanent lettering can be supplied to complement your scoreboard as well as triple image displays. The scoreboards are made with high-quality materials using the latest new technologies. You can choose from a whole range of standard models or Q-Lite can provide a total solution, including study, construction (with strength calculation), production, installation, training and after-sales support.

Q-Lite takes care of the design, the complete installation, the maintenance, the technical support and always provides expert advice.

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